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May 31 2015


Soul Energy Shoe Inserts by Forever Green

My husband and I had the opportunity to try the FGXpress Soul Energy Insoles. They were given away at a convention and passed along.

Forever Green
We�ve tried a selection of their other products and so they seem okay but the Insoles designed a massive difference for all of us.

My husband has neuropathy in the feet and nothing appeared to help. He has trouble just walking around the home. However these insoles REALLY HELPED, so much in fact that people were shocked.

soul energy shoes

I was able to get moobs too however only because I have sore feet. My job has be standing all day long. I began to use the Insoles and within Quarter-hour my discomfort stopped. They are really unbelievable! This shoe insole increases results than some other insole I�ve ever tried!!!

I must admit, they believed a little strange once i started using them, much like a tingling or slight vibration feeling. There is a natural souped up that originates from these insoles this is a little strong and it involved a few days to get accustomed to them but now I use them all day long. I use them in my tennis shoes in support of with socks.

This system is worth sharing. We LOVE them. I'm able to actually function without being uncomfortable now.
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